As of this year, Fareham Rafters will no longer be organising the annual Fareham Raft Race.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN THERE WILL BE NO MORE FAREHAM RAFT RACE! Details of this year’s race are below.

Over the last 5 years, with the help and support of many people, the Fareham Raft Race and associated events have raised £8485 for local charities, broken down as follows:

2015 – £799
2016 – £1700
2017 – £1320
2018 – £2416
2019 – £2250

Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service – £3517
The Rainbow Centre, Fareham – £3843
Headway Portsmouth – £1125

We would like to thank all the teams who have gone to such great efforts in building their rafts, dressing up and raising sponsorship – and those who donated to their teams; everyone who has turned up on the day to cheer the teams on as well as those who supported our other events – auctions & race nights – as well as everyone who put some change in the collection buckets and our team of lady volunteers who carried them.

Fareham Raft Race 2020

Going forwards, the Fareham Raft Race will be organised by the Castle in the Air pub, which anyone who has attended the event will be familiar with. All enquiries regarding the 2020 race should be directed to the pub’s facebook page –